Bobby regularly teaches privates in NYC and at weekends he is teaching at, in Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Solo Jazz.

His passion is creating a curriculum specially designed towards dancers’ needs. He has hundreds of drills for social dancers, competition dancers, and partnerships. He prepares social followers and leads for the wide variety of partners they will experience on the dance floor, and the choices they can make to keep their dancing successful. He is just as happy working on fun moves, improvisation, creativity, and aesthetics just as much as he is fundamental technique.

(Please note, for single leaders or followers at workshop weekends, he prefers to teach thirty-minute lessons.)

Contact him at for more information.


“Bobby, I wanted to thank you again for the group lesson with the team and also for the private lesson Tuesday morning. You’re an incredibly musical and creative dancer, and you’re also a gifted and adaptive teacher. You’re so positive, and I felt that you really listened to me and tailored the lesson to exactly what I needed. You bring a lightness and joy to the process that makes everything just so much damn fun! In a short space of time you really have changed more than my dancing. I’m very grateful.”

     — Jenne Mundy

         Austin, Texas

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