Bobby White has taught Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Solo Jazz around the world for over a decade. You can find him teaching with the incredible followers below (and others):



Kate and Bobby have taught Balboa and Lindy Hop together for over 14 years, and between them have won almost every major Balboa title since.

Regarded as some of the greatest teachers of Bal-Swing and Balboa in the world, Kate is also known for her scientific approach to teaching, and Bobby for his use of sound effects.

Together they have produced five highly acclaimed DVDs on Balboa which can be purchased here or on their website @ http://www.bobbykate.com. See one of their favorite dances over the years, from Lindy Focus’s Invitational Mix&Match. 



Bobby and Annabel (“Bells” ) became Balboa competition partners in 2015. Within a year of doing so, they won the All Balboa Weekend’s ACBC title, the International Lindy Hop Championships Balboa title, and the California Balboa Classic title, making them the first couple to win the Balboa “Triple Crown” in a row.   They have since won every major Balboa competition in the world, including an unprecedented three out of four ABW ACBC titles.

When it comes to teaching, rhythm is their business — specializing in fascinating footwork, explosive moves, and timing techniques.

Watch them dance to a song composed specifically for this improv contest at 2019’s CalBal.


LaTasha and Bobby are performance Lindy Hop partners and competitors, with a special love for Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers- Inspired fast dancing.

Their classes often focus on the “swing” of swing dance, individual styling and dance strength, the rich tradition of African American movement in the swing dances, and what it means to train as a dancer.

You can see them dance together in this film by The Swung Furies (their Whitey’s inspired speed troupe.)


Gaby and Bobby began working together in Lindy Hop and Lindy Hop performance in 2016. They have performed both throughout New York’s corporate and artistic world.

Their teaching is heavily geared towards creativity and expression, and the path to getting their being control, technique, and awareness. Their rigorous classes are inspired by New York’s culture of intense dance training.

Also, expect a lot of jokes in class.  They only encourage each other.  See them do an Improvisational Bal demo in Policoro, Italy.   


Shani and Bobby have more than 30 years of Balboa experience between them. They also have found out they really enjoy teaching with each other, and it shows in their classes.

Together, they especially love to concentrate on the techniques and spirit of the Old Timers, whom Bobby has spent hundreds of hours studying, and many of whom Shani has been furtunate to work (and drink with) personally.

They emphasize flow, relaxation, dancing for your body type, and the smoothness of the vintage swing dances. Watch their Invitational Mix& Match Dance in 2018’s Cal Bal.


Sylvia Sykes is renowned as one of the great masters of vintage swing dances. She is one of the few who had the opportunity to work extensively with SoCal Lindy legend Dean Collins and Bal-Swing legend Maxie Dorf, as well as many other original dancers.

Bobby is honored to work with Sylvia at such camps as Lindyfest and Swing Out New Hampshire, teaching Lindy, Balboa, and Bal-Swing.


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